AMAZING is a magazine about fashion and culture, based in New York and Los Angeles with contributors from around the globe. AMAZING is an arena for smart, sophisticated, intelligent  and visually stunning fashion stories.



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Editor in Chief
Tracy Wingrove

Creative Directors
Donald Lawrence & Tracy Wingrove

Art Director
Laura Arrieta

Fashion Assistants
Ivan Leon
Nikole Woods

Digital Art Director
Laura Arrieta

Albert Watson, Walter Chin, Juan Algarin, Richard Gary,
Paul Sinclair, Vikram Pathak, Arnaldo Anaya Lucca,
Luciana Pampalone, Roberto Calasanz, James Thomas,
Dennis Leupold, Michael Dwornik, Joanna Totolici,
Alex & Iggy, Miki Hisaga, Maria Cornejo,
Maya Cornejo, Maya Lusky

Special Thanks
Dune Studios
Photogenics Army
Next Models